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Mother and daughter (Martial arts)“I am so grateful for Empire TKD. She loves here and practices her moves all day at home.

I know she is not easy but instructors have showed me how great you are taking care of her and teaching her values of respect and honesty.  Thank you.”       Elisa J – Mother

“I am continually amazed at the tremendously positive effect that Empire Tae Kwon Do has had my son’s confidence, personal self esteem, and his self direction.

He has confidence in front of large and small audiences.”     Rod G – Father

“My 6 year old daughter began classes at Empire TKD and she loves came to here. She looks forward to each week’s classes. As many other parents have mentioned, it is so much more than a great workout and activity for kids.

They teaching the importance of focusing, self-discipline and respecting yourself and others. These additional life lessons are probably the biggest benefit I have seen in my daughter.”     Karen H  – Mother

“I couldn’t be happier with the school.  The masters are all wonderful, caring and exceptional.

My son would sleep there if he could!”     Jon S – Father

“This is a great school for children AND adults. The teachers are extraordinary. You can count on them to always give their best and to bring the best out in you. The TKD program provides a well-rounded training experience that teaches you to bring your best to all situations in life.

I enjoy the support of my classmates and I’m inspired by the work being done with the children.”    Rudy G – Student

“I love this school. I don’t study TKD but since my husband began, I have seen his development expand on a physical, mental and spiritual level. He shares with me his appreciation for what he is learning and he is inspired by the dedication of is teacher.

I sometimes watch the classes and am always very impressed with the gentle way the master pulls out the very best in all the students.”  Joan B – Wife

” Making the decision to take TKD classes has brought so many unexpected positive changes to my lifestyle, I am in the best shape of my life and I feel rejuvenated.

I’ve also enhanced my social life with all the new people that I have become friends with. ”  Stelinger G – Student