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**Little Tiger Program

For Children 3-5 years old. In this exciting program, children learn basic concepts of kicking, punching, and blocking. Through continued practice, children develop coordination, motor skills, balance, and agility. Tae Kwon Do will help develop their focus and concentration, which may help them in future academic learning.
Other benefits include:


**Children’s Program

Here at Empire Tae Kwon Do, children are taught basic kicking and punching techniques, but with a strong emphasis of having fun while training. Children are encouraged to try their best, have fun, and maintain respect for others. Continued practice of these techniques include:


**Teen Program

Between the ages of 12 to 18, there are many changes that occur to a youth entering into adulthood. This is an important time for them as they need to develop a pattern of self discipline and respect. Here, there are taught how to relieve stress through kicks and punches and to only use what they are taught for self defense purposes. These classes emphasize:


**Adult Program

Adult classes differ greatly from other age groups. At Empire Tae Kwon Do, all students are taught the same kicks and punches. Adults are taught in a manner that will best benefit the individual, both physically and mentally. These classes are designed to fit your needs as student in the school, your daily life, and your health as an adult. The adult classes specialize in:


** Black Belt Club (BBC)

Want to be a black belt and take the next step in your training? Join out ever growing team of black belt members!

Benefits include:


**Private lessons

If group classes are difficult to attend due to time, schedule, or a lack of confidence, we also offer private lessons.

Empire Taekwondo offers a more individualized instructions for each student. A student in private lessons is exposed to the philosophies and culture of the art of Taekwondo through a smaller ratio, more curriculum-Intensive program. This class structure offers you:
Student Specific lesson plans
More precise refinement of the Taekwondo techniques
Curriculum-specific lesson for trouble areas
Taekwondo and physical tests that evaluate personal progress
More one-on-one time with your master
Intensive course allows belt progression in a more timely manner
Full/ Semi-Private/ Small Ratio classes available
Direction towards more self-discipline and greater self awareness
Increased flexibility, stamina, speed, accuracy and weight control


**Self Defense

Don’t let yourself become the victim of a violent crime. Learn techniques that can aid in preventing or avoiding potentially threate-ning situations.
This course is designed to teach you general safety and security tips, self-defense, vehicle safety, and situational control. learn some hands on applications that are simple and precise, with the intent to give you additional seconds to create a safety zone.

** Team M

Interested in becoming a serious competitor? Team M offers elite training for upcoming tournaments and events.
We train those who desire to be the best in various divisions:


** Birthday Parties

Is your child’s birthday coming up?

Empire TKD Birthday Parties offer parents the perfect birthday solution. We ensure that all participants have an awesome time, get some great exercise, and enjoy an exciting Taekwondo practice and board breaking !

Perhaps the best part of our parties is that we handle almost the whole event…while parents relax. Parties are 1.5 hours, and our instructors and staff lead the entire 1hour with structured fun for everyone. With our innovative games and exciting Taekwondo instruction everyone is sure to enjoy the party.

After games and Taekwondo we dismiss to our activity room and allow parents a half hour for cake and celebration. It’s a great solution for an important day. Spaces are limited and are often booked months in advance, so it’s best to reserve your spot very early.

Parties include:

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